Indian maiden squash-blossom hairstyle

Squash necklace

Popé (Po-pay)

Indian Pueblo Revolt in 1680 in New Mexico(with audio)


Ishi, the last Yahi (California tribe)

Robert Peary, North Pole Explorer involved with Eskimos

Franz Boas, Anthropologist

Minik, Eskimo

Standing L-R: Unidentified, Dexter Colley (son of Agent Samuel Colley), John S. Smith,
Heap of Buffalo, Bosse, Sheriff Amos Steck, Unidentified soldier.

Seated L-R: White Antelope, Neva, Black Kettle, Bull Bear, Na-ta-Nee (Knock Knee).

Kneeling L-R: Major Edward W. Wynkoop, Captain Silas Soule.

Fort Lyon Arapahoe Peace Treaty

The devil with horns on the sides of his head

John Chivington wiki

Sand Creek Massacre